Monday, 7 November 2016

FLORIDA! - SeaWorld, Aquatica, Busch Gardens and Discovery Cove.

Florida was the best holiday I have EVER had. I know that I have been to other great places like Disneyland Paris, Wales, France, but this was special and by that I mean REALLY special!

We stayed in a 4-star Hotel called Renaissance Orlando. Outside is a huge swimming pool that we swam in all week with our new friends!


The first theme park we went to was SeaWorld. SeaWorld was awesome because it probably had the most INSANE rides.

Our first ride was Mako, SeaWorld’s newest ride - It was a really scary ride but I didn’t go on it because 1) it looked horrifying and 2) it is the LONGEST, FASTEST AND TALLEST RIDE IN ORLANDO!!!  My Dad is crazy because he loved Mako and he went on it three times!

There were three shows, 1st was Blue Horizons (a dolphin show with soaring birds) then Sea Lion High and last but not least, the Shamu show! I loved Sea Lion High because it was all based on high school but with sea lions, and at the end a walrus came on stage. My favourite show was the Shamu show because it was amazing seeing killer whales up-close.

Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin was a cold ride that spun you round and at the end you were able to see the penguins swimming and walking. Journey to Atlantis is quite a scary ride. You first of all go through the kingdom of Atlantis and soon you will be plunging a very steep drop! As you are thinking it is all over, IT’S NOT; it then takes you into another drop.


For our lunch we went to Sharks Underwater Grill. As you sat down you noticed you were sitting next to a HUGE tank with sharks swimming back and forth with their beady eyes looking AT YOU!!! For dinner we went to Dine with Shamu, which is a buffet and where you sit next to the killer whales habitat. We were so close, they even splashed us.

I am giving SeaWorld 8/10


The first ride we went on was Taumata Racer. Mum, dad and me had to race through some tubes and then slide down a steep fall whilst getting splashed in the face with water! This is one of my favourites.

Next was Dolphin Plunge. Dolphin Plunge is a water slide where you slide through a twisting and turning tube and zoom past the Commerson’s dolphin exhibit. Sometimes you see them swim by.

Omaka Rocka was good because you sit in a rubber ring and slide all over the place. You also might get a bit WET!

Whanau Way was AWESOME because you go really fast. It is a two person waterslide where you ZOOM through a tube all the way into a pool. I went on it with my dad.

Roa’s Rapids is where you get a lifejacket and float along the water while the rapids take you round. It is similar to a lazy river but with rapids! :) This is good if you just want to relax and be in the water at the same time. This is another favourite of mine, I went on it more than four times because it’s that good! :)

Loggerhead Lane is a slow and peaceful ride that takes you past an exhibit full of colourful fish swimming around. Again it is a two-person rubber ring ride.

Walkabout Waters is a HUGE play area where you can get wet and squirt people! You can have fun sliding down the slippery slides and get soaked under the huge bucket.

Big Surf Shores is a big wave pool, the further you go the bigger the waves, which splash you all over the place. You can swim in it without the waves or with the waves; it is up to you, as the waves only last several minutes so enjoy it while you can but don’t worry the waves will come on again. It is a lot of fun to get splashed around; the waves really start getting big in the last few seconds!!!

Banana Beach is a buffet with yummy food where you can sit outside and eat under the shade. It is a perfect place to eat lots of delicious food. I mixed a load of food and drinks in a bowl and Lily and I were laughing so much!!!

The best part about Aquatica was going on all the water slides!

I give Aquatica 10/10

Busch Gardens... 

This day was probably the busiest day possible. IT WAS INSANE, and in the end I was so tired!!!

First ride of the day was Cobra’s Curse, Busch Gardens latest ride. I was so nervous because on the leaflet it looked massive but when we got there it looked much smaller! When we got on, I was shaking but when we got past the first drop I was fine, I LOVED IT! #SCAREDYCAT. We did spin around and we did go backwards but it was AWESOME!!! I wish I could go on it again and again, Cobra’s Curse was one of my top favourites!

Next was my absolute favourite, Cheetah Hunt. Mum and I thought it was going to be a straight fast ride, BUT IT WASN’T, it was much more epic!!! You first got boosted into a fast push and then through a tight twist. The top speed was 60mph. You then went up a ramp and circled down then there would be a little drop and then you went upside down, that was my favourite part... sorry I can’t tell you everything you’ll just have to go to Busch Gardens and find out yourself!! I went on it twice because it was that epic. #BESTRIDEEVER!!!

Falcon’s Fury was a very scary ride, which my mum and dad went on and my mum was TERRIFIED, the closer the time came to it the more worried she would get, but after going on it she LOVED IT! I am glad she went on it because YOLO (You only live once!) and it was an experience of a lifetime.

Congo River Rapids was awesome as well. You are in a raft where everyone can get soaking but luckily I didn’t!! I was really hot after so Andy gave me a hug because he was soaking.

Serengeti Safari was cool. We were on a truck looking around at the animals, we also got to feed the giraffes lettuce but they have black slippery tongues.... ewwwww. We then went to feed the flamingos and to see Harry the sloth. Then we got to interact with a HIPPO. It was SO cute!!!

My favourite ride was definitely Cheetah Hunt. It is the best ride I have ever experienced. #AWESOME

I give Busch Gardens 10/10!!!

Discovery Cove... 

Discovery Cove was amazing; we were able to swim with DOLPHINS!!! The dolphin we swam with was called Yoko. When we were swimming with Yoko we could kiss her, swim with her and she splashed us. She also did flips.

The cool thing about Discovery Cove was that there was a snack bar with this delicious, scrumptious and yummylishous soda slushie drinks. I had White Cherry. MMMMMMMM YUMMY!

The best part about Discovery Cove was swimming with the dolphins!

I give Discovery Cove 9/10.

The best part about my holiday was ALL OF IT!! I hope you enjoyed reading my long blog! Enjoy your day.

The Places We Will Go

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Bunny and Boo’s Adventure at Gulliver's Land

Today bunny and I went to Gulliver's Land in Milton Keyne with my little brother and Mum & Dad.. It was ALOT of fun!! I really enjoyed all the rides I went on and I think bunny enjoyed it too. 

My favourite ride was called Python, it was a rollercoaster that is quite twisty, but overall i think it’s a great ride to go on and it’s great fun. I also like the drop tower which was great fun as well. 

Bunny’s  favourite ride was the carousel. We had a lot of fun on all the other rollercoasters as a family. All the rides were tiny compared to the ones I have been on in Florida but that's ok because I like small roller coasters that take a minute as well. 

Overall it was a great day out! I am really glad we came here on the last day of the half term. I give it a 10/10 because there was a lot of halloween theme to it. Also because the rides were EPIC and because there were people dressed up as zombies and witches. 

It was a good second adventure with bunny!
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