Friday, 19 February 2016

Kids Eat Out: Byron Hamburger

Last week I had an inset day but my little brother didn't, so Mum and me went to town on the bus for a girlie day. There was a new Byron Hamburgers restaurant in the shopping centre and I love burgers so we thought we would try it out for lunch. 

The kids menu (Mini Byron) comes as an activity sheet that you can turn into an Origami Fortune Teller which is really cool! I've never seen something like that at a restaurant before and it was really good because it had the instructions how to make it on so now I have been making them all the time ever since. 

From the menu you can choose a main, side and a drink for 6.50, I went for a Mini Classic burger and fries which comes with carrot and cucumber sticks. I chose to have a chocolate milkshake which was £2.25 extra so my meal in total came to £8.75. I was so full I didn't have a dessert but could have chosen from chocolate brownie or ice cream for an extra £2.00. 

My meal was so delicious and the burger bun was so squishy and nice. The burger had lettuce and tomato in it, I had to take the tomato out because I don't like it. The carrot had started to go a little bit dry but not as bad as some places we have been to. The fries were yummy!

Here I am just about to tuck into my meal, the milkshake was thick and had chocolate bits in it and I loved it! Byron gets a really big thumbs up from me and Mum said her burger and fries was gorgeous too!

Have you ever visited Byron? We will definitely be going back.

* We paid for our meals, I just wanted to write about it for my Kids Eat Out feature :)


  1. Sounds like the perfect day out with your mum. I think my daughters would have enjoyed the origami fortune teller as well!

  2. Oh how fabulous! We love Byron burgers although it's been a while since we visited one. Looks wonderful :)

  3. We haven't been to a Bryon yet but both of my two love burgers so I'm sure we will go to one sometime.

  4. It looks yummy - bet your brother wasn't impressed when he found out

  5. I am a huge fan of Byron Burger, their Mac n Cheese is to die for x

  6. That burger looks delicious! I have heard lots of good things about Byron. I will have to have a look for them when I am back in the UK! :)

  7. Ooh that looks delicious! I've never heard of this chain before but I'll look out for them x

  8. What a fun thing to do on your inset day, Byron restaurant sounds fun with its origami sheet.


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