Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Kids Eat Out: Le Bistrot Pierre

This post is the first in my Kids Eat Out series. I will be featuring the kids menu at restaurants when we eat out. We love to go out for dinner and I like it when restaurants make it fun for kids. If you would like to be featured here then get in touch with us at :)

A few weeks ago we were invited to try Le Bistrot Pierre as they had just launched a new activity pack for kids.

The children's menu is £6.50. You get a main course, dessert and a drink for that. I love how the menu looks like a chalkboard :)

I thought the selection of mains and desserts were good. When I opened my activity pack I found a picture of Pierre which meant I had won a prize as only a few of the packs had him in. I was very happy with the bag of jelly beans that I won :)

I really like the activity book we were given with our meal, they had lots to do and kept us busy while we were waiting for our food. 

It was nice to be able to take the book home so I could finish it there as there was so much to do I couldn't finish while we were there. 

For lunch I chose burger & fries which came with carrot sticks, cucumber and cherry tomatoes, and for dessert I had the Chocolate Torte. It was all yummy!!! I really liked the fresh bread which was on the table too.

My little brother had burger and fries too but he had chocolate and vanilla ice cream for dessert. He  liked the ice cream the most :)

Le Bistrot Pierre gets a big thumbs up from me and my little brother, the food was yummy and we loved their new activity books.

You can read the full review over on my Mum's blog...

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