Sunday, 18 March 2018

Long Time No Blog!

Hi everyone, sorry I haven't been blogging for a while, but here is a post to make it up to you. Enjoy! :)

Recently, I have really enjoyed drawing and practising my art skills. It's my favourite subject at school, although I enjoy art at home more because I'm able to draw whatever I want with my million supply of pens. The good thing about being a beginner is you are able to find the area of art you are good at and play around with it.  I enjoy drawing with my Dad because he will always help me and find an area for me to improve in, he is amazing at art. All my skills are passed down from my Dad's Grandma and Grandad and I am really pleased I have my art skills with me today! It makes me who I am and creates a calm and relaxed feeling inside of me.

I love practicing my realism, as my Dad is really good at it, also I have watched people on YouTube draw people and face features and I am always inspired to draw like them! 

My inspiration for this was out of a book called Kawaii: How to Draw Really Cute Stuff by Angela Nguyen. I decided I would draw my cute bunny (Merlin, who passed away two weeks ago) before he died, as I knew he was going to die soon. I thought I would draw him in a field as he never actually got to run around outside. 

Again, I took the inspiration from the above book, I was flicking through the pages when I spotted this really cute fox. First, I sketched my design then started to colour with a mixture of colouring pencils and felt tips. I decided the fox would be walking through the woods and in between the tree I tried to give the impression that there were more trees and bushes behind them. 

Again, I was given the inspiration from the above book. At first, I thought I should draw myself doing a karate kick, soon I thought to myself, why not add my little brother in dodging out of the way, then I thought that my brother would fall over in a fight and I would always win. From that moment on, I thought I should draw me kicking my little brother, him falling over and a lady in the background blowing a whistle.

For this I thought why not draw a dragon (using inspiration from the above book), like any fairy tale, the dragon is always guarding a castle, so here is a picture of a dragon guarding a castle with a brave knight trying to venture himself inside.

For this creepy picture I thought I should draw myself an avatar. I had sketched the design and then felt like I should draw a girl with button eyes, who is goth like. I took the inspiration from an amazing film called Coraline (SPOILER ALERT) it's all about a girl who wants parents to spend time with her, she then finds herself in a different world with different parents who want to sew button eyes on to her face! I know, a bit creepy, but definitely worth watching.

I am trying to become a better artist every day, I would really love to get some awesome Copic marker pens but they cost a bit too much money so I'll have to keep dreaming :)

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