Tuesday, 25 October 2016


Things I got for my Birthday...

Whiteboard pens
Panda rubbers
Amy Lee book
Emoji page markers
Emoji highlighters
Emoji weekly planner
Emoji sticky notes
An awesome Superdry watch
Tom Gates books
Panda bedding
Some Harry Potter jellybeans
Harry Potter chocolate frog
Harry Potter slugs

In bed with my new bunny with my new panda bedding.

I had an a AMAZING birthday. Unfortunately it was on a school day but i still had an awesome day! After school I went to a buffet restaurant called Cosmo, it was REALLY yummy. It was the best 10th birthday a girl could i ever have.

Monday, 24 October 2016

Bunny and Boo's Adventures at Warwick Castle

Hey guys. I am just doing a little blog to let you guys know that I am going to try to do more blogs more often because I know I haven’t done many recently. 

I am also letting you know that I am going to do blogs that include me going on adventures with the bunny that I got for my birthday. Our first adventure was today at Warwick Castle.

Mine and Bunny’s adventure was at Warwick Castle today. We walked around the castle exploring different rooms with armour for horses, swords, dining room and lots more. 

We also went in the Horrible Histories maze. Bunny and me had a lot of fun collecting the stamps hidden around the maze. We also got a badge as the prize. 

My favourite part was just exploring really, I loved watching the shows as well. Bunny’s favourite part was the whole adventure! (Except the car journey.) 

It was quite a long car journey but I think it’s worth going! I give Warwick Castle an 8/10 because there are some good shows and apparently there is a terrifying dungeon (but I DIDN’T go in!)

One thing I do suggest to Warwick Castle though is that they make more things to do for kids and adults! I would have liked the playground to be open.

I hope you enjoyed reading my 1st adventure with bunny and hope you read all my other blogs!

Sunday, 16 October 2016

Awesome Party Bags for 10 Year Olds

It was my 10th Birthday party yesterday and I had 5 of my friends to my house for a movie night. We had such an awesome time. Mum made us hotdogs, pizza, fries with fruit and veggies. We also had scrumptious cupcakes for dessert and then settled down to watch Alice in Wonderland with popcorn and sweeties.

I had a brilliant piƱata cake that had lots of little rainbow sweets inside when I cut into it.

I had some lovely presents from my friends and I sent them home with these amazing goodie bags...

Mum found these brilliant plastic popcorn pots and we filled them with the goodies below...

There are some Millions, Nerds, Popping Candy, Whistle lolly, Maoam's, Lip balm, Duck eraser,  Panda keyring, Highlighter pen  and a colour change pen.

I made these pandas keyring by myself using Hama Beads. I hope my friends like them :)

It's my actual birthday on Wednesday so I am really looking forward to that now but I had the best 10th birthday party with my friends :O)

Monday, 10 October 2016

My Personal Best!

I was very proud of myself yesterday as I went to Junior Parkrun after a few weeks off. It was my 21st Parkrun which means I have run the same distance as a marathon, so next time I go I will get my marathon wristband. I also got my PB (personal best) which I was very surprised at! I ran 2KM in 10 minutes and 24 seconds which I think is pretty awesome! 

It was our local junior Parkrun's 1st birthday so we all got to have some cake afterwards which was yummy! If you have a junior Parkrun near you then you should go as it is lots of fun and keeps you fit :)
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