Monday, 16 April 2018

The Invisible Girl Book Review

Hi guys, today I am going to be sharing another book that I absolutely love by the same author as before, Kate Maryon, who has written multiple books which are full of adventure, emotion and fear. This post (very much like the last) is a SPOILER ALERT so if you want to read the book without me giving away to much is suggest you look away before it’s to late!:)

The Invisible Girl is a story about a twelve year old, Gabriella, who has lived with her mean Mum, soft Dad and caring Beckett (Gabriella’s step-brother) for a period of their lives, up until Gabriella’s Mum thought that her partner was useless meaning for her to move on. Gabriella and her Dad were doing fine on their own, until strict and cruel, Amy, Gabriella’s Dad’s new girlfriend, barges in on their lives and changes everything. Amy thinks that Gabriella gets in the way of everything and once her Dad had fallen in a deep love for Amy, he asks her to marry him! The new engaged couple then decide, to go and get married 1) without Gabriella and 2) in a tropical country, that leaves Gabriella with only one choice; she has to go and live with her Mum...

My favourite part is when Beckett comes to Amy’s Mum’s house (where Gabriella is staying) and has all the contracts to take her home. This makes me feel so happy that they have reunited and that Beckett has come and whisked her away so that Gabriella can do something she has been wanting to do for  almost all her life. If this was me I would also be really hoping my older, awesome and kind brother would do the same for me! My least favourite part is how it doesn’t tell you why Tia, a girl who sometimes lives on the streets, isn’t living in her cosy house, I really wanted to know as Gabriella kept asking this question, but she never seemed to answer.

In this book, Kate really tests your ability to not get upset or end up crying, her words can really play with my emotions and make you think how lucky I am to have friends, money and a house to live in. She is incredibly good at changing the scene, for example, one minute everyone’s happy then the next everyone’s gloomy and sad. I am really inspired to write like Kate does as I used to think I was all wow, but now I realise that’s nothing to what I can do now. Also, what I can do now is NOTHING compared to the work that Kate Maryon shows, she is dedicated, inspirational and quite heart-touching too!

Overall I give this book, again, 10/10, but I definitely enjoyed this book a lot more than I did a Million Angels it is so much more creative, adventurous and exciting. Thanks for reading for reading my blog everyone, and I hope you take in to consideration to read her books. Bye! :)

Thursday, 5 April 2018

A Million Angels Book Review

Hi guys, today I am going to review a book I have just finished called A Million Angels by Kate Maryon! I have found it very emotional and tense but over all I enjoyed it very much. If you don’t want me to spoil anything then look away, but if you are intrigued to find out more about this amazing book then read on...

This book is all about a twelve year old girl’s dad who goes to war. Jemima, the twelve year old girl, worry’s very much about her Dad, her imagination grows as every day she thinks about her father. The reason that Jemima misses her Dad more than every girl put together, is because her Dad and Jemima have a connection, one that none of her friends or family have, they talk everything through together and even share the same hair style. Things soon get worse once her horrible “friend” Jessica goes on and on about being the daughter of a soldier and that she might be on TV! (Personally I really hate her a lot more than Jemima does). Lots of people change Jemima’s thoughts and feelings throughout this story and definitely changed how I thought about all the characters.

My favourite part is when Jemima finally learns to trust; this make her a stronger and a lot more confident at speaking about what she thinks instead of building a brick wall and hiding in her shell. My least favourite part is how Georgie (Jessica’s Mum) has such a big mouth and blabs on about anything that is nothing to do with her. 

I love Kate’s way of writing she finds such a way to dig in to someone’s heart and make it beat faster and faster, and I am really inspired by how she uses words to create something that’s emotional. The sentences that she uses find a way to twist my feelings from one minute happy to another minute heart-breaking. She is officially my favourite author and I am really looking forward to read her other books!

Overall, I give this emotional, happy, and amazing  book 10/10. I have loved every moment of reading this book and I hope you will take consideration to read her books as well! Bye everyone!

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